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Biding the time ~*~ Breakfast in Bed

I've been doing a swap "Within the Castle Walls". Only 4 signed up, so not including myself I only had to make 3 sets. I had this perfect sheet fabric so I just sat down and made them. Then pillow cases. I realized I had to fit it into the theme so I went for breakfast in bed. Who would be having breakfast in bed within a castle? I don't know but I can assume it's a modern castle, British, possibly someone with Children and who's planning on herself or someone else's getting married.

When I think castle I think living comfortably and breakfast in bed with all the things I'd like to read plus a yummy breakfast and very comfy sheets.

So I'm still waiting on some doilies and trays. Technically we're supposed to make it all, but I did pretty good with the bedding, breakfast, books and magazine. The plates and silverware I had around in extras, and I ordered the tea and roses.

I had fun trying different napkin folds for the silver, I ultimately went with that fold because I thought it looked good with the gingham. I recommend, cutting some squares, and getting out your iron and trying this some time. You could even look up folds online. What a blast.

Anyhow, crossed fingers to my order arriving in two weeks and I can thus continue my dollhouse.



Here's some this and that.

Mom donated this to Owl's because it's too big for her dollhouse, not enough room.

I finished this pantry or larder. I'm going to sell it on eBay, maybe I'll get something for it. I guess I should put some extra food minis I've got around in it, it might spice it up a bit.

This outlet ceased to work even though it did before I glued it in. I couldn't take it out and had left a mark on the wallpaper, so I've covered it with some wood, clever huh?



Pantry vrs. Plain Shelves

I put this cupboard together last night. I'm impartial to it because it makes the room feel closed up to me. Maybe I shouldn't have done blue shelves and a blue door. I could line them with gingham paper. I turned it backwards so you guys could see what shelves would look like which I think I prefer but let me know what you think. I can sell the cupboard on ebay so no biggie if it doesn't go.



Just waiting on the ceiling paper to finish the bedroom moulding.

I made a huge mistake and did the moulding on the bathroom ceiling. So I'll have to cut a near perfect piece of ceiling paper. I'll make a template with a piece of plain paper and when I get one that fits exactly I'll trace the ceiling paper and fit it in.

And then I plan to fit Owls bedroom on the third story. The items that are facing front, the tall dresser and nightstand kinda match the bed.
I put some minis in but that's not the actual layout... I'm still stumped on it but I'm sure I'll make it go right.