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Just waiting on the ceiling paper to finish the bedroom moulding.

I made a huge mistake and did the moulding on the bathroom ceiling. So I'll have to cut a near perfect piece of ceiling paper. I'll make a template with a piece of plain paper and when I get one that fits exactly I'll trace the ceiling paper and fit it in.

And then I plan to fit Owls bedroom on the third story. The items that are facing front, the tall dresser and nightstand kinda match the bed.
I put some minis in but that's not the actual layout... I'm still stumped on it but I'm sure I'll make it go right.



Blogger MiniKat said...

Owl's room looks good so far. I really like the paper you used in the other bedroom. I hope you have good luck getting the bathroom ceiling in place.

Blogger Ara said...

Its looking great Tara! Looks like you're getting closer and closer. I just ADORE owls bed! How perfect is that?? -Ara

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

I know it's like a little nest!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've done a great job with the wallpaper - very pretty!


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