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Biding the time ~*~ Breakfast in Bed

I've been doing a swap "Within the Castle Walls". Only 4 signed up, so not including myself I only had to make 3 sets. I had this perfect sheet fabric so I just sat down and made them. Then pillow cases. I realized I had to fit it into the theme so I went for breakfast in bed. Who would be having breakfast in bed within a castle? I don't know but I can assume it's a modern castle, British, possibly someone with Children and who's planning on herself or someone else's getting married.

When I think castle I think living comfortably and breakfast in bed with all the things I'd like to read plus a yummy breakfast and very comfy sheets.

So I'm still waiting on some doilies and trays. Technically we're supposed to make it all, but I did pretty good with the bedding, breakfast, books and magazine. The plates and silverware I had around in extras, and I ordered the tea and roses.

I had fun trying different napkin folds for the silver, I ultimately went with that fold because I thought it looked good with the gingham. I recommend, cutting some squares, and getting out your iron and trying this some time. You could even look up folds online. What a blast.

Anyhow, crossed fingers to my order arriving in two weeks and I can thus continue my dollhouse.



Blogger Unknown said...

Awwww Tara P that must be so frustrating for you :O(. Here's hoping they arrive soon. Those sets are great and I cant wait to see more of your dolls house.
Debie xxx

Blogger Ara said...

Woo hoo! I'll be so excited to get this one! Those tiny buttons on the pillows are too cute! I kind of went the opposite way with my castle swap but you'll have to wait to see.... hopefully it will all get to marie safely!

Blogger Miniature Patisserie Chef said...

Hi Tara,

Wow, I'll tell you that I did once emailed Nana Miniatures about shipping to my country. I didn't get any email back, and so I figured she was probably not interested in doing business with me.

Sorry to know you had an unhappy experience with them...((hugs))

Pei Li


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