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New Curtians and Illustrations to Match

These are Curtains are from Curtains Petite on eBay UK. She's great and there is a neat story. I'll just copy and paste her e-mail to me.

', isnt that weird!!! Yes, of course I mean Ernest H. Shepard! We have been researching our family tree for many years and a few years ago I found a great Aunt...we had a conversation on the phone and she told me her father was the original illustrator for the Winnie the Pooh books!! my little claim to fame lol. Actually we have a lovely Winnie book upstairs with pull out cards etc., its delightful!! was thinking of putting it on Ebay sometime! will have curtains n your dolls house made by a decendant of the illustrator for the books!! awesome!! Ta ta for now...watching Wimbledon!! Your chap is on playing our Murray!!'



Blogger Ara said...

Tara, you've done so amazing matching the illustrations!! It's all so perfect!!! Can't wait to see full-room pictures! -ara

Blogger Mary said...

Tara, I have an award waiting for you on my blog. Please come pick it up anytime if you'd like.

Mini hugs,


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