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The Dishes

So that's like a mahogany shelf where the dishes are displayed, I'm thinking of going more brown to match the colors for the kitchen. I'll show that next.


Hows about lunch...

What I've got so far...

  • Gingham tablecloths

We see a lot of gingham in the old illustrations. I have the red one too. Oh and I just realized I have gingham exactly like the tablecloth in the illustration, gotta get around to that project.

  • Porridge

I just thought it was cute and the box matched the period.

  • Black cauldron

For over the kitchen fireplace. It's a brick fireplace, so I'll show it later when I show all the kitchen items.

  • Extract of malt

Tigger's favorite food:
Extract of Malt. Very Fussy Eater. Known to hate hunny, haycorns, and thistles.

  • Hot Cross Buns

Matches 1920's British countryside theme

  • Salmon

I guess cause he's a bear but mostly because I loved the miniature.

  • Watercress sandwiches

Very classic Kanga, and also probably the healthiest vegetable on earth.

I'm working on getting tons of honey pots and a bowl of haycorns for Piglet, since haycorns are made up I'll probably get a bowl of walnuts, and maybe I'll commission a bowl of thistle in the future.



The matching bed!

Look I found the bed that matches!



The best illustrations ever!

This is the collection of images I'm using to plan the whole house, details, color palate and furnishings.

E.H. Shepard drew these in the 1920's and he was British so I'm trying to get things from that era as well as copy what I see.

There are two things that I really want, well four.... well five. The blue chair, the pink striped chair, the round wall clock with the hanging pendulums, and that kitchen chair with the pillow on it. I'd also like that hat rack and a larger barometer than the one I have. Heidi Ott sells one for $36 about the right size but tht's too $$$, I'm already planning on a $28 splurge for the hat and umbrella from Reutter.

The Garden

See what I mean by a half roof? I'll be putting shingles on it. I think it will accent the outside garden to look more outdoors and make playing in the sitting room easier.
I think the bedroom window will help a lot too.


Bedroom and Bathroom

So this is the bedroom and bathroom, I'll be putting in a wall next to the dvds. The other side is going to be the outside, a garden. There will be a half roof on the sitting room which has the vaulted ceiling.

I think it will make the outside garden look more realisitc, I also have a window for the bedroom wall there.

As you can see I haven't cut the door to the dining area or bedroom window yet.


Home Sweet Home

So this is the room I just showed which has the front door and door to sitting room and bedroom. This was the inspirational design for my entire layout. I frown on the height of my ceiling but I didn't want my dollhouse partly in a tree like the real Pooh house, I figured I didn't have the artistic ability to carve a tree siding out of clay and more importantly I didn't want a ceiling.


The Hall Entry Kitchen and Dining Room

Here is the kitchen and dining room, as well as front door area.

The windows I got were huge, but I needed one with this certain style, I forgot what it's called, I'll be posting the details later.

The door to the bedroom hasn't been cut yet.

I'm only going to have a front door but not a wall so its easy to play and see inside the room.


If you build it, he will come

You're gunna laugh your head off at the sheer size of this thing. Where am I going to display it?

Well I'm about to take you through the rooms.