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New illustration of Pooh's house!

Does anyone know what those things on the mantel might be?



Blogger Mary said...

Here's a shot at that mantel from our right to left:
a stick candle in a holder, kind of behind the candle is a toy sailboat, a large platter, in front of the platter is a vase, a spiral seashell, and on the far left is an ashtray. As for the ashtray, I probably got that wrong because I don't think Pooh and friends smoke.

Blogger Mary said...

Tara, would Pooh like a stick candle with holder like the one in the picture? I've been gathering materials to make candles and can make just the thing. Shoot me an email to let me know!

Blogger Ara said...

I have no idea about the mantel but Pooh is cracking me up here - haha! what is he doing?

Blogger smalltownsentiments said...

Do you know what that picture is from? I have 'The Complete Tales & Poems of Winnie-the-Pooh' with all color plates, but I do not see that in it?


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