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Piglet House

So this is an illustration I found of Piglets house in my new Winnie the Pooh book!

I never knew his house existed in pictures but now I have one!

So I see some new things that can be incorporated into Pooh house.

What do you guys spot here?



Blogger Mary said...

I'm not a Misters P & P expert but I do like the window with diamond-shaped panes, the sink with slanting drainboard, and what looks like a furry, moldy pancake on that right-hand dresser. Just kidding about that last one :)

Blogger MiniKat said...

A pincushion on the dresser, a gravy boat on the shelf and a sampler on the wall... that's what I can make out so far.

Blogger Mary said...

I just looked at Piglet's house again and after squinting my eyeballs some more I think that the stuff hanging from the over-the-sink shelf is a sponge on a string and an old bottle brush.

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

Oh my god Mary, you're right!!


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