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Since for one half of this upstairs room I have no illustration reference I'm kinda doing it my way with the stove, sink and shelves. I'm also going to hang copper molds on the wood wall which is ideal since the pins can be placed in the gaps between the boards without leaving a significant mark.
Also with the English foods above, I heard mention that Winnie the Pooh's house was very British, I'm not sure if I've captured that but I do know I wanted some British foods anyhow.
This incredible collection of auctions went up on eBay and I got all 5 things from the same seller.
Cornish Pasties, Scone and Butter, Custard Tart, Jam Sponge Cake and a unique bun baking tray by Warwick miniatures. I love them all!! And they all ended for about $2.50 each.
Though I love nothing as well as my Debs buttered toast and Ara's chair and hunny hutch for me. Those are true love ;)



Blogger Mary said...

Even if I have photos, I tend to like to add my own spin or interpretation to a scene!

The British food are a good find at a good price! I've sometimes seen the similar things charged quite unreasonably on Etsy.

Blogger Mary said...

I was just thinking, Honey Buns would be nice for Pooh! I know that's U.S. American food but it might pass as some British pastry...

Blogger Ara said...

awww *blush* can't wait to get that new one to you too!!! hugs - ara

Blogger Debbie said...

Love all the Copper Pots Tara..I promise your bits will be on there way

Blogger rosanna said...

Coming back from Paris this morning I found a parcel in my mail box. It was your parcel with your boxes and goodies. I LOVE them. The frog box is amazing, so beatiful and just like the original.But everythig is sooo cute, the candiesbox is a real treat.
Thank you again very, very much Rosanna


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