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Phew, Im exhuasted. That kitchen wall has a scratch in it, should I wear the whole wall down or stain it darker in those areas? Also my ceiling paint doesn't match and I'm hesitant to paint those side walls. I guess if I cover and tape well it will be okay. These pictures make the house look more like a house than the illustrations but that's what you get at 2am after constucting for hours.
Owls is looking very English. I'm still going to do shelves in the kitchen.
By the way I won the contest below, but it was just me and another participant. I wonder if I'd have won if several others had entered? Well it was fun to make.



Blogger rosanna said...

Tara I love it. Wh do you want to change anything?

Blogger Erika said...

I´ve tagged you

Blogger De said...

Tara, I like the unevenness of the wood. It looks more natural, I think.


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