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Pooh bear worthy pottery :D

Oh my goodness! My favorite miniture artisan Eileen Vernon has agreed to make me 3 personalized honey pots! Wow, and to think I've been looking on ebay for one to show up and she was right there all along, contactable and able to make them for me. And she only wants $13 a piece! she says she'll be busy until July but I don't mind the wait. And we'll all have to wait and see what she comes up with!



Blogger Unknown said...

Thats great TaraP, there are a lot of really nice peeps in the mini world and they often pop up with something when you least expect it. Looking forward to seeing them.
Debie xxx

Blogger Debbie said...

Fantastic Tara. Your love them all the more as they are being made especially for you..x

Blogger kimsminiatures said...

Thats wonderful. I love her work. The best really. Lucky you! Mini hugs!

Blogger Mary said...

Such cute little pots! BTW, I typed "honey" into eBay and several nice pots did come up.

Also, I made a suitcase featuring the stickers from Owl's Traveling Game over on my blog...thanks again.

Blogger Ara said...

gorgeous!! That's aweosme that she is going to make them for you personally!! how lucky!


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