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The Addams Family Mini-Mansion!

Ooh I'm so excited, another themed dollhouse :D It's like a sisterhood of bloggers and dollhouses here on blogger.



Blogger Ara said...

!!! Me too - I am so glad I have found all these fun people who blog to encourage each other in our creations!! I only hope I can get as detailed and into my characters as you've been able to with Pooh!!

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

Ara I just think, think it and do it kinda. you know I don't comprimise very much with what I want, and I told myself going into it, even if it takes a realy long time... I am going to do it how I want.
Although, Art is the quality of communication, so like in matching the illustration I am able to communicate it but I went overboard when I went for all this perfection in Owls, it really is quite jarbled right now. I'll have to make it go right. So first of all, make it communicate. Add or subtract from it until it does. Then you go for technical perfection.

But not to the point of taking away from the communication.

Also, Moms always give good advice.


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