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I'm on the lookout, again!

Pooh Bear
Night Cap
Honey Bib
Canister Chocolate, no brand
Curved Corners Mantle Mirror
Terra Cotta Plant, No Flowers, with Spade or Heart Shaped Leaves✓
Round Green Teapot
Wooden Bowl ✓
Curved Top PicNic Basket✓
Corner Mountable Cupborad with Door
Clothespins ✓
Honey Pots or Pots that Look like one

Iron Tea Pot, Kettle ✓
Ladderback Rocker
Buttered Toast ✓
Tea with Tea in the Cup ✓
Windsor Chair ✓
Overstuffed Chair
Top Hat ✓
Fireplace Bellows ✓
Rectangle Shaped Mantle Clock✓
Bowl Fruit✓



Blogger MiniKat said...

I know where to find instructions on how to make a ladderback rocking chair. The Mott's Miniature Furniture Workshop Manual: Techniques and Patterns for 144 Miniature Masterpieces by Barbara Mott and Elizabeth Mott

Maybe your library has it?

Blogger Debbie said...

Tara if you email me via my profile page I can send you some of my buttered toast and a bowl of fruit..


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