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So I'm ready to lay the brick the floors. I've dry fit all the doors and realized I needed to raise them a bit to be level with the bricks. I'm super hesitant to do anything with the brick floor yet because this could be the part I screw up, but I asked my All Things Mini forum friends and I think they'll guide me as best they can.
So far all my lights work but I broke my bulb on the one wall sconce, don't ask me how, and I have to replace the whole light insert thingy. Luckily I already ordered two the other day. I still need 2 more for the fire places. I want replaceable bulbs everywhere is why, not the standard rice bulbs for the fireplace.
I never realized those sconces unscrewed.

I'm making it go right though.



Blogger MiniKat said...

How has the brick laying been going for you? I've never done bricks on the floor either and I'm curious to know if you recommend it.

Blogger sylvia said...

Beautiful!!! I love this project.

Blogger Debbie said...

Wonderful.. Its all coming together nicely.

Blogger Debbie said...

Tara please call over to my blog to pickup an award..

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

Minikat, I should have done the brick template on thin plastic, like a plastic sign, but I rushed into it as usual and now I understand why that was recommended. The mortar cracks when the floor bends. Luckily I don't think this floor will cause that to happen if handled gently but I see why and how that is preferable.
The real clay bricks themselves were pretty good. They cut alright and were sandable. I recommend them.


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