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Finally, Brushes For Pooh!

These little babies were a gift from a friend who I did a transparent window print for. I adore their rustic look and I'm finding the more and more objects like this the more it comes to life. I was talking to my mother earlier and she said "oh no" to this hutch I found on New England Miniatures, and I said, for Owls, and she said he was more rustic. I agree.

And I love all things organic.

I actually do natural dish soap, detergent, shampoo, tampons, and I buy organic when I can going on 9 years. I don't watch TV anymore, going on over 2 years now. I rent movies of course, but TV is too emotionless for me.

I even refuse to take pills or medication from big pharma, the evil drug pushers. Besides I know all the real solutions, cleaning with rubbing alcohol and lemon juice, you know, find those germs. It kills em fast and good and is an ultra safe cleaner. When sick I take 1000 mg of vitamin c every hour on the hour, along with some vitamin e, b complex, and iron. That will do it every time.

If I sleep uneasy or have a nightmare I take b1. It's always a b1 deficiency, even in children.

And the holy grail of it all, good for bones, sleeping, headaches, anything and everything or just to feel superb, Calcium Magnesium CalMag-C.



Blogger rosanna said...

The brushes are just the right thing! As for natural healings and food you break an open door as we say. I always try to stay at a VEEEERY long distance from anything druggish.

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

Totally, when the drug companies put all their funding into the business of treating and zero into curing, it's a sad deal. How many people go to the dr. with bad health, but one look into their environments, depleted immune systems from toxins like clorox bleach, back pain from cooking with rancid cupboard kept vegetable oil, or perhaps all they've had is junk food all month. Countless reasons why, and a handling requires in many cases a simple hair and saliva analysis for vitamin & mineral deficiencies, and replenishing those deficiencies. The body doesn't run on carbs fat and sugar alone. Instead they are prescribed guck and sure it temporarily handles some things, with luck. Long term... we want to be vital and well, and that requires real substances.


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