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Help! This room is too crowded!

This is not to show how its going to be set up so much as how crowded it is.
I was hoping to have a kitchen which is a mix between these two pictures.

Should I throw caution to the wind and do a 2nd story? mom was talking about a space for owl and although it makes no sense, it would be playful and I could do a downstairs kitchen and an upstairs eating room.

See that lantern there? I've seen those around. This could be the downstairs.

This 2nd picture could be the upstairs and thus explain the vaulted ceiling.

How do I incorporate that 1st picture into this room?

It would be the same room. Has anyone seen wallpaper like that with the yellow stripes?

Here's a drawing of WOL's howse ;)
*Owl is supposed to be the wisest in the 100 Acre Wood and his favourite food is the afternoon tea. His intelligence is often called upon to aid a certain bear of very little brain. He speaks eloquently and although he can spell "TUESDAY," he spells his own name "WOL." The reason behind Owl spelling his name as WOL is that Wol happens to be a Sussex & Kentish word for Owl. It also means that Milne's characters were quite British. Just Pooh

Let me know what you think.



Blogger MiniKat said...

I don't recall Pooh having a sink or stove. Maybe pulling those two pieces out would help. I think Kanga did have those appliances though.

I would do a separate building for Owl's house. Maybe modify the "Adams" kit from Hobby Builder Supply for it. It would work great for Owl since it's a one room building.

Blogger shannonc60 said...

I agree, it's not too crowded. In fact, I'd fill it up a bit more!! It definately looks cosy to me.

Blogger MiniKat said...

There is an award for you on my blog. Come over to pick it up if you like.

Blogger Debbie said...

Tara I have an award for you over on my blog.

Blogger PooH said...

I think Pooh don't have wallpaper, in this room, but its all wood.
May be you can watch some dvd's of Pooh.
I like your idea very much as a great Pooh-fan.
If you like I also have some printables for you and also saved some other wallpapers from Pooh, if you like wallpapers above wood, please let me know.


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