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Bathroom Stuffs

These are the bathroom items so far. I'm doing it quite plainly. I have to find out out how to get a whitewash wall look. It was a last minute decision to do a bathroom, I haven't put a lot of thought into yet... I'm open to any ideas anyone has. I know I'd like a wider claw foot bath. I can't find one, just this mold. For the record I actually thought about buying it and paying the fee for using the ceramics studio near here. LOL



Blogger MiniKat said...

What about gloss white white for the whitewash? If you spray it on it would not have brush strokes and would look good. You could also brush the white on and spray gloss varnish to seal it.

I'd try the bathtub mold out, just for the fun of trying something new if it was me.

Have you thought about stitching or needle punching a bathmat that looks more like the one in your reference picture?

That is the cutest toothbrush I have ever seen!

Blogger Miss Tara Ericson said...

Yeah that's a superb idea for the whitewash walls.

Yeah, I like doing ceramics, never done molds but I think they are fairly easy.

I'm totally interesting in stitching the bathmat. So much of this house I think I'll be constantly updating and perfecting.

Blogger Debbie said...

Tara what about making a bath from Fimo, you could make it any size you wish then.


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