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The best illustrations ever!

This is the collection of images I'm using to plan the whole house, details, color palate and furnishings.

E.H. Shepard drew these in the 1920's and he was British so I'm trying to get things from that era as well as copy what I see.

There are two things that I really want, well four.... well five. The blue chair, the pink striped chair, the round wall clock with the hanging pendulums, and that kitchen chair with the pillow on it. I'd also like that hat rack and a larger barometer than the one I have. Heidi Ott sells one for $36 about the right size but tht's too $$$, I'm already planning on a $28 splurge for the hat and umbrella from Reutter.


Blogger Debbie said...

I love Winnie The Pooh.. This looks like a fun project, looking forward to seeing it progress.
Mini Hugs

Blogger rosanna said...

This is a sweet idea. We all love little Winnie even though he has haunted my nights when my son was a toddler: I have seen the films pver and over and over and over.....
I'll be looking forward your progress. Rosanna


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