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New Things

From the left, a wood turning bowl by Hendywood
I just want to know, did he know?

A handmade bellows, I still need another 2, I found on ebay for cheap. Debbie may have one. Bless you Debbie for the toast, I'm going to make you some fantastic candy boxes for Honeydukes! You're like our den mother for blogging.

Some limes from Cate, SoletLuna Cate I love you and believe it or not I've been to Kelowna Canada. Small world huh!?



Blogger Debbie said...

Tara I went hunting in the garage yesterday and I found some bellows. I'll take a picture of them later and email it to you, to see if they are any good for your project.

Blogger Cate and David said...

Yay Tara! I'm glad they made it! I hope you liked Kelowna when you visited? :)
Those are lovely things altogether!


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