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Reading this interesting page on Owl from the classic books, I thought it was funny and darn my speed reading thought it said he could spell Measles and Buttered Toast, hahaha, but apparently he "comes under the scanner" with such words. Non the less I knew I'd need buttered toast and a thermometer in Wols house!

Debbie heard my cry and really me some! These are incredible, I love them!
I'm co creating some of the candy boxes for the Harry Potter Honeydukes she's creating!

These will bring so much life to Owls social gatherings. Now I have to do all the characters!!! Oh the joy :D

Truly my favorite miniatures are my horse brushes, birthday cake, quilts, paintings, pots, chair, cupboard and anything personally given or made. Who'd have thought I'd grow up to appreciate art so much? It's a good place to be, I'm happy to have arrived.

I've been the walking dead for the past couple days though, I've been up until pretty late and I owe you guys some pics this weekend. I owe myself some sleep.



Blogger MiniKat said...

Get some sleep! We can wait for pictures. :-)

Blogger Debbie said...

So pleased you like the Toast Tara. Seems quite a lot of other people like it as well, have you seen the comments on my blog!

Blogger rosanna said...

So you are the lucky recipient of those wonderful toast. They are gorgeous aren't they? and your candy boxes as well. You have been very clever at them. Have a nice weekend

Blogger Unknown said...

So, you are the lucky one...the toast is so real,and I know for sure it will look so nice in your pooh house.The Harry Potter candy boxes are also beautiful. Please get some sleep we just can wait for pictures!


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